Small Business Website Initiative

A survey by the US Census Bureau of 14 million small businesses released in May of 2012 revealed that 75% of those businesses do not have a website. The number shows that many of these small business owners are missing out on a key market.

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Businesses that make use of the Internet are expected to grow 40% more than companies that do not and, since the majority of consumers are choosing to research and shop for products online, businesses who do not have online presence are missing out on great connection tools.

MET Bus - Small Business Website InitiativeThe Small Business Website Initiative will prescreen small business owners from Kent and Sussex counties to determine their eligibility to enroll in a seven (7) week training course, “How to Make Your Business Successful Online.”

This program will utilize the technology training modules developed by the Small Business Administration and Google, who partnered to educate local businesses about how to succeed online.

The Small Business Website Initiative has the following objectives for small businesses in Delaware counties :

  • Conduct prescreening for small business owners from Kent and Sussex counties to determine their eligibility for a seven-week training course.
  • Implement “How to Make Your Business Successful Online” small business workshop with interactive lessons which include but are not limited to:
    • (a) Why Your Business Needs A Website;
    • (b) Connect with Local Consumers Online;
    • (c) Serve On-the-Go Customers via Mobile Phones;
    • (d) Five Smart Ways to Promote your Business Online;
    • (e) Google Apps for Businesses
  • Establish a website presence for eight (8) small businesses in each of the DEDO targeted areas (Bridgeville, Delmar, Harrington, Laurel, Milford, Millsboro, Smyrna, Seaford, Georgetown and Milton).
  • Provide ongoing web consultation for small businesses’ for one year.
  • An economic development official from each city will participate in the seven-week course in order to build capacity in their respective community.

This program’s objective includes a partnership between Delaware State University and Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO).